Music in the Murphy: Rusty Redenbacher & Mr. Kinetik featuring The Native Sun

Fountain Square Brewery Presents

Music in the Murphy: Rusty Redenbacher & Mr. Kinetik featuring The Native Sun

Native Sun, Hinx Jones, The Proforms

Thu, February 21, 2013

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Do317 Lounge

Indianapolis, IN


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Rusty Redenbacher & Mr. Kinetik
Rusty Redenbacher & Mr. Kinetik
Rusty Redenbacher
From the inception of the Birdmen of Alcatraz, to the pre-super stardom scribble jam battles against greats such as Eminem, to the decade long takeover of the Indianapolis Hip-Hop scene by The Mudkids, to the present day where the name Rusty Redenbacher can be heard on WTLC, seen on IMC TV, and deciphered in blog and viral posts felt around the world, the founding member of The Mudkids, Lazarus, and Tornado Alley #ATFU brings you “The Tinkerer”.

Whether it be the thousands of albums Rusty has sold as the head of The Mudkids, the fan admiration and communal support that constantly has voted him as Indy’s Top Artist, the large quantity of free music Rusty had given away to the masses while introducing his #ATFU movement or the vast experiences gained while performing alongside legends including the Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots, Dead Prez, Blackalicious, Atmosphere, and more, one thing that is for certain, legions of Hip-Hop, Rock, Funk, Reggae, and Dubstep fans alike are ready to embrace “The Tinkerer”.

While deeply rooted in the classic horror culture of yesteryear, “The Tinkerer”and its 18 tracks takes the listener on a journey through the laboratory of sound and spirit known as the Iron Man Monster Factory as front man Rusty Redenbacher aka The Tinkerer utilizes a unique blend of hip-hop turntabilism and intricate cross-genre instrumentation in creating the productions behind every track featured on the album. Front man Rusty Redenbacher provided in a recent interview, “I just wanted to make an album that I thought was interesting. I was free to do whatever I wanted and I did. I had a great time making 'The Tinkerer' and I look forward to seeing how people react to it. It's for science, man.”

Mr. Kinetik
Mr. Kinetik is an experimental multi-genre songwriter, instrumentalist, producer, and audio engineer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The name was chosen out of a love for physics, specifically Newtonian kinetic energy principles where kinetic energy is simply the energy of motion. The ending “k” was chosen, as Mr. Kinetik describes:

“I really just thought it looked better than the ‘c’ at the end when it was on paper. I figured that out while doodling in 7th grade. As far as choosing kinetic energy as the basis, I wanted to stay connected to what I loved about music: the movement. As long as I can remember, I’ve moved whenever I heard music. I make music to keep track of what I feel; I make the sounds a reflection of those feelings and how I am moved at the time. And I hope that it moves other people as well. I believe in all of the music I make. It stands as a point of reference for who I am as life changes and goes on.”

Born into a family filled with music lovers and musicians, music has long been a cornerstone in Mr. Kinetik’s life. The music created is an assemblage of many influences from all genres and styles with a heavy dose of thoughtful lyricism designed to improve the lives of people everywhere. The ultimate message in the music is a message of peace and positivity through self-awareness and dedication to improving the world around us through well-planned action and motion.

Mr. Kinetik has completed several solo projects including The Isolator EP (2010), Sounds of Soul (2011), and Clockwork (2011) along with collaborations with #ATFU crew emcee Eratic (The Green Hornet released in 2010 and the forthcoming album UV Lounge) and The Professor And The Hustler (2010) with fellow #ATFU crew emcee, Rusty Redenbacher. The core philosophy of #ATFU can be linked to “all the family united” and “altogether for us” as a rallying cry signifying a commitment to community development and progress not only in music, but through everyday life. #ATFU is comprised of Gentleman Alphonse, A. Sky, Dotta, Son of Thought, Feeray, Eratic, Rusty Redenbacher, and Mr. Kinetik. Mr. Kinetik is also the DJ for Indianapolis’ hip-hop group Native Sun and a member of Indianapolis’ own s.a.i.n.t. RECON. He is a member of the Old S.O.U.L. Entertainment family with close working ties to Douglas “Sir Doug” Morris.

In addition to solo and group projects, Mr. Kinetik has collaborated with many artists as a DJ, producer, musician, or featured emcee. The Indianapolis-inspired composition “Our City” was released as a featured song in The 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee XLVI Indy Music Project.

Mr. Kinetik’s latest musical work Black Hole Rap was released independently on October 22, 2012 and is available at Mr. Kinetik’s Bandcamp site.
Native Sun
Native Sun
They call our city Nap because it's the most slept-on city in America.

This is Native Sun's answer to the question of how Indianapolis came to be nicknamed Nap Town. All too often, Indy locals lose faith in the spirit of their city and insist it's named so because it's a sleepy metropolis in the Midwest with nothing to do or see. This cultural crippling has subdued the drive to create in much of the city's talent by bogging down artists with despair and leaving them with little hope for a chance to gain national recognition.

But the native sons of Native Sun have a different outlook on their city of Nap. It is their belief that Indianapolis harbors a wealth of talent, particularly in the vein of hip hop. Leading by example, the band envisions that traditional hip hop elements (compelling lyricism, dusty samples, dope beats) paired with the versatility of live instrumentation has the potential to create music that sounds like nothing before it.

Leveraging more than 20 years of combined experience as professional musicians and performers, B Meeks (bass), Sleepy (drums) and B Young (emcee) began to intertwine their musical backgrounds within the context of hip hop when Native Sun formed in 2008. The resourceful musicians draw from their familiarity in gospel, rock, electronic, jazz and soul, creating music that sounds much bigger than what one would expect from a 3 piece act. It is this solid foundation in live music (as compared to produced beats) that sets Native Sun apart from other hip hop groups.

Through their vision to be an example of success to artists in Indianapolis and similar places, Native Sun has earned a reputation as a first call backing band in the Indianapolis hip hop scene. They've had the honor of performing with Elzhi of Slum Village and DJ Logic, as well as opening for Foreign Exchange, Musiq Soulchild, Mayer Hawthorne, Black Milk and Muhsinah. And now, after more than 30 hours of grinding in the studio, Native Sun is ready to debut their first full-length album, Step Into The Light.
Hinx Jones
Hinx Jones
Hinx Jones is the collective musicianship of producer/musician/emcee Lonegevity, and musician/emcee Gritts. Both members grew up in Anderson, IN, and have been making music together since the late 90's. They formed hip hop group KWOLITE in 2005 with 3 other people, and in 2008 left the group to form Hinx Jones.
Moving to Indianapolis in late 2008, Hinx Jones started their move to a new city by releasing two individual mixtape-like projects by each Lonegevity ("Sessions" 2009) and Gritts ("Grittstape" 2009). They traveled to perform at the A3C festival (in Atlanta) in October of 2009 and 2010, and have performed at multiple events in Indianapolis and Chicago including the Broad Ripple Music Fest (2010) and Mojostock (2011).
The sound of Hinx Jones is unique, as although their primary focus is hip hop, they don't limit their sound to a hip hop audience. Gritts is the main vocalist and singer of the 2 man group, and also plays drums, bass, horns, and keys. He is a very well rounded musician, and is known for his uplifting message. He has a solo project planned to release in 2012. Lonegevity is more known for his production than anything else, and has a mixture of many styles thrown together. He has showcased production at multiple beat showcases/battles (iStandard, BRMF, etc), has remixed movie scores, has music in Independent films and comercials, and is currently working on his 5th instrumental album. Also an emcee and vocalist, he has 2 solo projects planned to release in 2012.
Hinx Jones has finished their sophomore project entitled Frozen Liquor, and will drop in October of 2011.
The Proforms
The Proforms
This Indianapolis based Hip Hop group is comprised of four individuals that formed by some quirk. Joe Harvey (Twilight Sentinels, Sektion 31), Skittz (Break Down Kings, Mudkids), A.C.E.O.N.E. (Break Down Kings, St. Recon, Dead Man Switch) and DJ Spoolz (Dirty 30) come from totally different backgrounds but find a camaraderie and solace in their love of music. Now being from Indiana has never given them an advantage of any sort unless you consider an unwavering respect and determination to further the educational and artistic aspects of Hip Hop music an advantage. So upon first initial listen it’s quite easy to label them as being influenced by the “Golden Era” and that would be a safe assumption but, that would only scratch the surface of what makes
The Proforms sound. Also they’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such notable artist as Red and Meth, Das Efx, Planet Asia and Del the Funkee Homosapien to name a few. In conclusion instead of just rambling on about how good they are (not mentioning their individual accomplishments) please, just listen to the music because when it comes down to it that’s what it’s all about…the music.
Venue Information:
Do317 Lounge
1043 Virginia Ave #215
Murphy Arts Center
Indianapolis, IN, 46203